Tips on how to increase your mpg.

With gas prices climbing, here are some tips to get the best possible mpg out of your vehicle:

  1. Anticipate, coast, and use your brakes less
  2. Don't accelerate quickly
  3. Tire choice and make sure tires are properly inflated
  4. Minimize idling (Engines only need 10 to 30 seconds for warm-up)
  5. Use Cruise Control
  6. Overdrive and gear selection
  7. Slow down
  8. Carefully consider your route and the time of day
  9. Plan and Combine errands to make fewer trips
  10. Drive first to your furthest destination of the day
  11. Use air conditioning wisely
  12. Close passenger air vents
  13. Reduce your vehicle's weight by cleaning out the trunk and back seats
  14. Park in the Shade thus not needing to run the A/C
  15. Keep your engine tuned up
  16. Switch to best-quality synthetic oils and filters throughout your drivetrain
  17. Make sure your air filter is clean
  18. Remove rooftop storage compartments or any other attachments that reduce airflow
  19. Watch your transmission modes
  20. Keep your windows closed


Hope these tips are helpful, if you know of others be sure to share!

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